How to design the perfect product page for your E-commerce website?

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3 min readJun 1, 2021

What do you look for in an eCommerce website? A product page that can provide all the necessary details regarding the thing you are seeking. But, how often eCommerce websites get it right? There is no denying that you will need the best web design agency New Jersey for creating that x-factor in product pages.

Because product pages are one of the most vital elements of any eCommerce SEO, more than 65% of shoppers compare prices on their mobile apps or eCommerce websites while buying from physical stores. This should give you an idea about the importance of the product page specifications and detailing.

Any product with proper detailing can prove to be a more revenue producer than others. So, what should you include in your product pages?


High-quality images of the products, especially showing ingredients in the case of packaged food products. Take an example of peanut butter. There are natural butter and one with hydrogenated oils. Users should be able to read the difference.


Product videos should be more than just demos. They should include precautions before using specific products. They should also include directions to use a product with some benefits. It is relevant, especially in beauty products, where usage amounts can affect results.


Specs are essential for your product. Shoppers compare the products, not just for pricing, but should be able to differentiate between the attributes, prices, and specifications. This is especially necessary for electronic categories like smartphones, computer peripherals, and home appliances.


Product categorization is a necessity than a convenience. A user will search for a product in specific categories. If you place a man’s shaving cream in the women’s cosmetics category, how much are the chances for your product to be discovered by men? So, create multiple categorizations on your website or even apps.

You can use the mobile app developers for inserting categorizations in eCommerce apps. Even if you choose to develop a web app in place of a native app, you can capitalize on classifications.

Size Charts:

Suppose you have fashion-related products or apparel to sell on your eCommerce online store, then you do need useful size charts. Without a size chart, confusion over purchase decisions will be present among the users, and they may leave your website.

Size charts offer clarity to customers and the choice of products. Another thing to add is color options. Such options should also be included in apps that you develop for your eCommerce business. You can utilize the mobile app development company in New Jersey for such features. It also can help gain more consumers for your products.

Remember, if your product page has all these elements optimized, there will be organic traffic leading to high rankings on the SERPs.


eCommerce is one of the most profitable markets in the current scenario. But, without a sound product page, you might not achieve the right results. Here, we have discussed some of the essential tweaks in the web design that can help your product page drive more revenues. So, start optimizing your eCommerce product page now!



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